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A new opportunity at The Creative Mama

I’ll tell you what… I do believe that the 31 day blogging marathon did me in! I have now been away for moreView full post »

together, 5 minute Friday

Together… Ugh… thinking about this world is making me feel guilty. At this stage of life, my husband and childrenView full post »

positive thinking with an anxiety disorder, day 11

I previously mentioned that in addition to being an uptight perfectionist by nature, I have an additional challenge whenView full post »

laundry, 5 minute friday

(Laughter) Thinking about laundry either brings a smile or a tear. Today I choose to laugh. I’ve discussed laundryView full post »

gratitude in trials, day 8

Viktor E. Frankl suffered horrific circumstances in Nazi concentration camps. It was natural for his fellow prisoners toView full post »

ordinary, 5 minute Friday

Ordinary. I have been thinking a lot about the ordinary lately and how grateful I am for those ordinary moments thatView full post »

gratitude journal, day 2

When I began reading Ann Voskamp’s book One Thousand Gifts, I didn’t want to leave the world of reverence,View full post »

thirteen goals for 2013

I tend to get grumpy about goal making when the New Year rolls around. I know that part of my attitude stems fromView full post »

The Child Whisperer- Winner and more Good News!

Oh, you SWEET mamas!  Reading what you wrote about your children was so heartwarming.  I could feel the love andView full post »