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Back to School

The kids started school on August 4th!  Yes, that seems crazy early.  And the big kids have to getup crazy early toView full post »

a day in my life (august)

Welcome to August’s “a day in my life” project.  I’m back on the wagon, in fact I may haveView full post »

why i missed “a day in my life” (july)

I’m sad that I missed posting photos for my July “day in the life” project.  I guess I felt cheatedView full post »

a day in my life (june)

Hi!  It’s been a while.  I have had three children celebrate birthdays since my last post in April.  I missedView full post »

a day in my life (april)

The excitement of turning 41 was not very, but I did have a nice day celebrating with my family the day before my actualView full post »

a day in my life (march)

Project day was a snow day this time. (Yes!) I’m glad it was, or I’m not sure I would have braved the sheetsView full post »

a day in my life (february)

Had a bit of trouble finding my mojo for the project this month.  But Presidents day came, and Dave was home, and theView full post »

saying “yes” on Valentine’s Day

I’m not known for getting too festive, but this Valentine’s Day I did a little more than nothing. Each childView full post »

The littlest Valentines

Faith and Seth both had fun with Valentine related school activities.  The traditional making of the Valentine’sView full post »