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a day in my life (august)

Welcome to August’s “a day in my life” project.  I’m back on the wagon, in fact I may have driven a little too far this month.  Thursday, August 21st went a little something like this..

The only one excited to be awake before 6am…

Olivia brings breakfast for the 5 minute car ride to her seminary teacher’s home.  She asks, “did you just take my picture?”  Sure did, Livvy.  It’s THAT day again.

There are some advantages to early rising like driving into the sunrise

and then watching it in your rear view mirror on your return trip.

Next one out the door is Paul.  Middle school waits for no one.

Oops, forgot to get a snap of Dave before he left around 6:30 for a 24 hour shift.  (He’s not camera shy, he just wasn’t home.  Actually he is a photo bomber.)  I drop the little ones off to school a little after 8am.

Then, it’s just me and the four legged family members.  Ahhh!  I love my quiet time.  Today is spent trying to pull everything together for tomorrow’s The Creative Mama post.  (It sort of sneaked up on me.)

Must break for an opthamology appointment.  Having a mole/wart from under my eyelashes removed.  Nice scenery on the way…

Apparently I left sans mole but con residual yellow sanitizer.

On the plus side I was in and out of that appointment within 45 minutes and had some good tunes to listen to on the way home.

Again, some nice scenery, though now viewed through a glob of ointment.

Well, since I had my leftover tuna sandwich for breakfast, not sure what to do for lunch.  Oh… strawberry ice cream will work.

A nap is always nice.  ”Goodnight, sun.”

All too soon the “time-to-pick-up-the-littles-from-school” alarm startles me to conciousness.  Thank goodness that today there is an answer to “what’s for snack?!”  Ice cream.  I saved them some.

Chill time.

Oops, I believe we forgot to address homework today.  Boys on the wiiU.  Faith with friends.  Olivia in her teen chamber. It’s dark in there.

“What else can I have for snack?!”  Grapes!  Don’t ask me again for anything else!  EVER!:)

Trying to ignore these…

Olivia steps out into the light of socialization with the fam long enough to gather support for the ALS challenge.  Too bad our ice maker is crappy, hardly any ice.  Well, the water from the hose should be plenty cold.  Yep.

A simple chili dog dinner, followed by dinner chores and a little leisure. (That’s Wizards of Waverly place via Netflix. Too bad she forgot to “write a report on the book she never read!” Actually, it was her spelling assignment that she forgot about until 8:30pm.)

Live and learn and try better next week, dear.  This mama is ready for bed.  Seth picks Grandma Duck’s Little Helpers.  I guess we could look at it as the sequel to last night’s pick of Little Red Hen.

Goodnight!  5:30 am is gonna come early.

Now go see what real life is like at Jessie’s place.

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