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The littlest Valentines

Faith and Seth both had fun with Valentine related school activities.  The traditional making of the Valentine’s mailbox made for a creative evening.  Seth was very vocal about what he wanted his to look like. His pattern would be “red heart, green heart, card…” all around the bucket.  He also asked requested that heart on the top of the bucket be cut to look like a broken heart which could doubled as a cracking dinosaur egg.  Only trouble was that on the weekend after the school party, we found the Valentines Seth was to give to his classmates still in his bucket.  I asked what he was doing when the other kids were passing their cards out, and he just wasn’t sure.

In order to cover up a “Dr. Scholls” logo on her box, Faith found some Christmas duct tape.  Here’s to originality.  Maybe it’s sort of like dressing up as Santa Claus for Halloween (which is pretty genius.)

Now I have to add my two cents worth on the new trend at school for the distribution of Valentines. Why are teachers telling the kids NOT to address the cards and to only sign their name? Hello!!! The whole fun of the entire Valentine exchange is picking out the perfect card for each of your friends and crushes and then analyzing every card you receive until you are satisfied with the deeper meaning you’ve extracted from words such as “I hope you will BEE mine.”  So I must say, I feel a little bad for Faith who is totally at the age to get into that.  She could have had at least 3 hours of fun plotting her “tos” and explaining her “froms.”

After school it was time to cut up the rug, AKA the gymnasium floor. The elementary school always sponsors a dance near Valentine’s Day. When I first heard about this tradition, I thought it outrageously inappropriate for their age level, but I have come to see it for what it is… a big party with music and cupcakes and pizza and a little dancing.

It was at one of these Valentine’s Day dances two years ago that I first saw Seth dance… I mean REALLY dance. I was shocked. I had no idea that this three year old’s interpretation of dancing was to get on the floor and bounce from hand to foot, twirl around, and repeat. I never taught him this, nor did his dad nor older siblings. I’m guessing he must have watched a break dancing movie from the 80s or something.  Nevertheless, THIS is how he dances.

After the dance, I was talking about how I couldn’t quite capture Seth’s moves on my iphone.  One of the kids asked me why I didn’t video tape it.  Hmmm… it didn’t occur to me!  I’m still getting use to the iphone and will try to remember it has a video camera next time.

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