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A new opportunity at The Creative Mama

I’ll tell you what… I do believe that the 31 day blogging marathon did me in! I have now been away for more than 31 days and am very much looking forward to more actively blogging on this, my personal blog!

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I have been blessed with an incredible opportunity. I am the new owner and editor of The Creative Mama blog.  I have read The Creative Mama blog since just after its inception in 2009 by Angie Warren. I LOVE The Creative Mama. It has been a source of inspiration to me, and I must say that the former owners, Bree Hester and Stacey Woods have been like mentors to me; Bree with her blogging and business sense and Stacey with her photography and accompanying heartfelt words.  I will never be able to adequately thank these kind and generous ladies for trusting me with something that has meant so much to them.

So, since mid-November I have been busy, busy learning the ropes of blog management. I’ve been studying and trial-and-erroring all sorts of related tasks. My mindset shifted from… “what can I do to build up my personal blog?” to “oh my gosh, I have the blog of my dreams, now what am I going to do with it!?”  I have so many ideas, and I have the best team of writers who have ideas of their own.  I’m nothing but excited to see where this road leads and to see how many women The Creative Mama will encourage and inspire. Of course, that encouragement and inspiration goes both ways… so an incredible blessing, to say the least.

So with much time and energy being given to TCM now, I look at a new question… “What do I do with my personal blog?”  The glorious answer is… get back to blogging about my family which is why “Once Upon a Chocolate Chip Pancake” began in the first place.  I’ll be sharing lots of personal insights and some creative ideas along the way too, but I really look forward to doing a better job at documenting my family life.

I welcome you to  join me here or there.  I’m happy to have you anywhere… in a box, or with a fox…;)

I feel very happy right now about both the opportunity to write at “the big blog” and to get back to the basics here on my “little blog.”

Thank you to everyone who has encouraged me along the way!

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