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inspiring interview with courtney crozier! day 30

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Eeeek! This is such an exciting honor… getting to ask Courtney Crozier, (one of the most positive people on the planet,)a few questions about the extraodinary quality she has to focus on the bright side of life. Tens of thousands of people fell in love with Courtney when she was a contestant on the popular weight loss themed reality show The Biggest Loser. (Go Aqua!) These fans continue to follow her journey today, and I am proud to be one of them!

For the few who might be meeting Courtney for the first time, The Biggest Loser Season 11 viewers were instantly intrigued with her amazing story of losing more than 100 pounds before going on the show. Having gone through a portion of her weight loss journey already, I believe Courtney brought with her something that the other contestants were still looking for (as most of them were just beginning.) That something was a sparkle in her eye that told the world that she believed in herself, she liked who she was, and she was willing to work hard for a healthier lifestyle no matter despite any obstacles.

I am so grateful that Courtney had the opportunity to reach a large audience through television, and that she remains committed to paying it forward every day. The end of her season on BL was only the beginning of her influence on sooooo many people. Courtney continually encourages others through social media, guest speaking and interviews, and health promoting events all over the country. You can keep up with this powerhouse via facebook, twitter and instagram. She’s awesome!

Let’s jump into the interview:

Clair- Courtney, You are known for your radiant personality and positive outlook on life. Do you have a favorite quote or mantra that you live by?
Courtney- Well thank you for saying that!:)I have SO many favorite quotes and mantras it is hard to choose just one! But something that I really do live by is that happiness is a choice! I truly believe this. I also believe that if you BELIEVE you can do something, then you can. The only time I’ve ever been held back for something in life is if I told myself I couldn’t do it. Every time I’ve believed in myself 100%, I have done it. I also always tell myself that no matter what comes my way, as long as I pick myself back up and keep fighting that is what matters most. Fall down 7 times, get up 8…always!

Clair- When you were at your most unhealthy weight, how did you gather the courage to begin making changes? Who or what had a positive influence on you?
Courtney- I have to tell you, for a long time I just did NOT get it. I just did not WANT it bad enough. As I said before, I had to believe it and I didn’t for a long time. It was my 21st birthday that I decided I had to make a change. I wasn’t happy when I was out celebrating with all of my friends and family. I mean, who isn’t happy and having fun on their 21st? I wasn’t allowing myself to because I was so unhappy with my weight but mostly my health. It was that night I told my mom I had to start making small changes and do it. I have not looked back a day since!! I think sometimes you have to get to that low point to truly see how much you are self sabotaging. When I realized it was all on me, I started changing. My family and friends truly helped me embrace my change by going to the gym with me or going on walks and also eating healthy with me so I didn’t feel alone in it. I have been truly blessed to have great people in my life. Even when I was around people who weren’t necessarily living a healthy lifestyle, I was confident in myself that I could be strong and I planned for any out of the ordinary situations like parties. I would pack my own food with no excuses. I still do the same today. This truly is a lifestyle. You just have to make it that way!

Clair- Did you go through a period where you had to forgive yourself for the poor choices of the past? How did you let go of the old and welcome the new?
Courtney- I struggle every single day. I did go through a small point where I had to forgive myself of the past, but I took one split second to change my mind and move forward and not look back. I also make poor choices today (it is part of life) and I have learned that holding a grudge against myself only makes it worse. Instead, I learn from those mistakes, realize that everyone struggles, and pick myself back up and make the next choice a better one. It’s all about balance. When you have a strong foundation, even if you go off track a little, you can be balanced again. It’s just about finding that!

Clair- Is there any additional advice you would like to leave with us?
Courtney- For anyone on a weight loss journey…just remember that it is just that. A journey. It is NOT going to be easy and there will ALWAYS be ups and down!!! If you have a slip up or two, don’t hold a grudge. Keep moving forward and never look back. As I always say…it is going to take a while to change your body, but it takes one split second to change your mind!!! Even if you have to change your mind about a choice you are about to make 30 times a day, just do it. Also, remember that attitude is EVERYTHING and if you stay positive, you’ll ultimately bring positivity back to you in your life. There will be haters along the way that come from pure jealousy of what good things you are doing in your life that they aren’t allowing themselves to do, so they try to bring you down. Don’t let them. Only you create the life you live…no one else!!!

What did I tell you?! Inspiring! A huge heartfelt thank you to Courtney Crozier for letting us feel of her optimism and learn positivitiy from such a determined and caring person!

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November 5, 2013 - 11:54 am

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