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FHE lesson on Positive Thinking and our thankful tree, day 28

thankful tree, fhe lesson, cg dickson the blog
I had mentioned that I was going to pick one of the 5 family projects
to start with my family at our next family home evening. My little ones were most interested in the thankful tree. I thought I would go ahead and include the lesson that my daughter shared with us and other elements that could be incorporated into a family home evening.

Family Home Evening Lesson-Positive Thinking
Song- There is Sunshine in my Soul Today
Scripture- Proverbs 17:22
Lesson- Share the inspiring article A Positive Attitude in which a father recounts how his four year old daughter’s attitude triumphed over difficult physical restrictions while being treated for a disease that was affecting her hip bones.
Activity- make a thankful tree (or one of (these other great projects)
Treat- Quick and Easy Brownies (Who knew you didn’t need a box mix for brownies? I know now! Felt pretty domestic after I whipped these up from scratch! And that powdered sugar sprinkle on top brought me back to… well, the elementary lunchroom cafeteria… in a good way.)

merry heart, proverbs 17:22, CG Dickson the blog
thankful tree, fhe, lesson, cg dickson the blog

Each family member filled out several thankful tree leaves on the first night… though I see I am going to have to keep reminding everyone to add more- except Seth who doesn’t need a reminder. I think he has put up 6 leaves that read “Mom” and I don’t think it is because it is one of a few words he can spell… or is it? Dave and I had to laugh that he and I were thinking alike with our first additions. I wrote “cool breezes and warm sunshine,” while he wrote “scalding baths and freezing ice packs.” (His poor aching body.)

Invitation: Spend time talking with your family about what you are thankful for. Choose a family project to reinforce the topic.

Continiue to Day 29, saying thank you [thank you card printables].

For the introduction and list of daily topics for my project, 31 Days of Positive Thinking, go here.

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