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Thinking about laundry either brings a smile or a tear. Today I choose to laugh.

I’ve discussed laundry more than once on my blog already. During most of those posts, I was definitely at the bottom of a mountainous pile. Has anything changed? Well, I am happy to report that yes it has! My dryer and washer are currently empty! (This certainly qualifies as a journal worthy moment.) Somehow I’ve grabbed this crazy household chore by the horns and have come out on top… at least temporarily. (I’m sure there is a mountain or 1,600 in my future.) But I’m celebrating a small victory!

What has changed since the time that laundry made me cry?
Two things really:
1) My kids have gotten older and I’ve given them the responsibility of folding and putting their own clothes away. (Confession– my mama heart does compel me to fold it now and then.) But I leave the hard stuff to the kids. Throwing clothes in the washer and starting it is no sweat. Folding clothes and putting them in a drawer is a monumental task in comparison.
2) I recently got really strict with myself about time management, and I am churning out at least one load a day every weekday. Since I started substitute teaching, I’m working smarter at home just in case I get a call to work and won’t have the time to “do it tomorrow.”


Five Minute Friday

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October 18, 2013 - 11:06 am

deborah - Hooray for a victory in the laundry room…at least for today! :)

My kiddos fold and put away much of our laundry and it is a huge help and great experience for them. Simple life skills can be some of our best lessons. And children don’t have to be very old to fold laundry. I remember my three year-olds thinking that folding washcloths was fun! At 10 and 13, they don’t think folding is so fun anymore, but they generally get busy and get it done without complaining.

October 18, 2013 - 12:51 pm

admin - I agree, Deborah! Must start them folding young ;)

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