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Where have I been?

I know my blog posts have been scarce lately…

I promise I’ve had good intentions…

And even though not much has appeared on this blog, I have actually been sharing monthly on The Creative Mama blog. I’m excited to be on TCM’s team of writers, and it is a perfect opportunity to write more which is one of my goals for this year. Thank goodness I have had a few deadlines to meet as sometimes I need that little extra push to dump my brain out on paper. Anyway, here are some recent posts I shared at The Creative Mama:

a poem for baby
be kind to yourself
frozen strawberry limeade
small talk, discussing art with little people
mama’s favorite blanket

With all my children in school now, perhaps I WILL more easily give my blog attention… especially as I wait for my substitute teaching application/ investigation to go through its final phases. And then I will listen for that sweet ringtone that might wake me at 5:30 am and wipe out all my plans to exercise, clean, read, nap, and watch Covert Affairs on that particular day. But I will be grateful for the chance to make some money that will helpDave and I with our recent commitment to live within our means and start knocking out some debt Dave Ramsey style.

PS- While I may need to save mopping and laundry for a later date, I commit NOT to compromise on my workout routines… no, not after losing 30 lbs!

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September 1, 2013 - 8:51 pm

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