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…. and then there were none.

No snacks to prepare, no fights to break up, no toys to trip over, no spills to clean– at least from the hours of 8 am to 3pm. My baby has started kindergarten. This sweet bundle of energy is no longer available for peanut butter and jelly lunches for two, rides in a rocket cart at the grocery store, or Doc McStuffin reruns. While I am enjoying the novelty of quiet, distraction-free (human-type) days, my heart is tender as I see my littlest growing up.

I feel so protective of Seth, scrutinizing his new teachers and classroom. I’m sorry to say that I left “meet the teacher night” a bit discouraged. While his teacher seemed to be a very nice lady, her assistant was a bit gruff. While I was filling out paperwork, Seth was looking around the room and picked up a lego out of a bin. The assitant immediately said “oh no, we don’t touch things without permission.” And then I heard her say something to someone else about “being good.” Well, you bet my Seth is as good as can be! If his curiousity leads him to break a rule from time to time, or his energy and enthusiasm result in a loud noise, or his imagination carries him to a place of distraction… he is still good, and he is mine, and you better take good care of him… or you’ll break my heart! That’s what I wanted to say to this lady. I know I went in their with sky-high expectations, so I’m trying to convince myself to be patient… to wait and observe… and to give things time before I form a firm judgment, but it is hard to do.

So far, I am enjoying my early mornings. Olivia is a Freshmen now and has early morning seminary. I wake at 5:30 to take her and then come home and exercise. Paul, 7th grade, is next to leave and he catches the bus before 7am. I like having a little alone time with each of my big kids before they go to school. Then I wake the littles, Faith (4th grade) and Seth, who have been pretty cooperative and are getting along well as they get ready.

Here are the mugshots from the first day of school.

Four juveniles escaped from Boredom early this morning. They were found by their mother several hours later at local schools. Reports say that all four children were promptly brought home for milk and cookies.

Olivia photo bombed Paul’s mugshot.

And once the light of day had risen, I was able to take a few shots of the younger ones going to school.

Here’s hoping for a great school year!

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August 29, 2013 - 9:51 pm

Griner Family - I had no idea this was over here…I must have misunderstood. I have been checking the old one. This is so wonderful!! I love all the pictures! Livvy is a freshmen!!! Seth is a k-kid!! Wow! We love love you guys!

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