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dear ellen,

Dear Ellen,

I just wanted to thank you for being a happy, bright person and for sharing your light with me for an hour each day!

Recently,  I found myself in a particularly grumpy mood.  I’d gone for several hours feeling the weight of the world (laundry for a family of six) on my shoulders and wondering if I had a single friend (as no one had yet called to check up on me, and it was nearly time for my lunch of leftover sloppy joe.) Anyway, glorious “me time” arrived, and I chose to watch one of your shows on the DVR.  Fifteen minutes later I realized I was smiling… and not just a little grin, but a full fledged hurt-your-cheeks, look-like-a-goof, glad-nobody-was-watching kind of smile. As my face ached, it dawned on me that I had been smiling since the opening monologue. Even after Classic Joke Tuesday, I was still smiling!

Thanks to you and your show, my moody self naturally tucked the woes away and for that precious 15 minutes I was simply happy.  Thanks for being the sunshine that drove away the clouds and for reminding the world of the goodness and joy that are ours for the taking.

Much love,


PS- And about Tony…. oh Tony! His laugh is so contagious. I catch it every time! <3

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