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Listen to Your Heart

When reminding Seth to take potty breaks, he often responds by telling me “My heart doesn’t say so!” How can a mom argue with that, right?  Well, of course I had to argue.  After all, he only has 15 pairs of superhero underwear that I prefer to wash only once a week.  I told Seth that it was good to listen to his heart, but he needed to listen to his Mom too.  When the heart thing didn’t buy him any uninterrupted Mario Kart time, Seth decided to take it up a notch (or should I say down?) and he began telling me that his “wee-wee” didn’t tell him he needed to go.  (Shaking my head.)

Other fun four-year-old interactions include:

Seth asked me if I wanted to watch ‘Spiderman and Friends’ with him on Netflix.  I said “No, I’m not really interested in Spiderman.”  Shocked, Seth replied, “MOM! He CLIMBS WALLS!!!” What was I thinking?

After grabbing a piece of paper and pen, Seth declared that he was making a drawing for Dad. While drawing, he told me that Dad and I could share it.  However, once the picture was complete, Seth announced that he was heading upstairs to hang it in his own bedroom.  I guess it turned out better than he expected.

Preschool teachers are wonderful.  One night Seth declared, “it doesn’t matter what color of skin you have.”  After I inquired about where he learned that great truth, Seth told me that his teacher read the class a book about “Arthur King.”

Though Christmas has come and gone, Seth recently clarified the real Santa vs fake Santa quandary: “Real Santas give out presents, while fake Santas give out candy.”

Whining about a tummy ache, Seth identified the problem as the chocolate milk he drank… “it turned into coffee!”

And finally, I told Seth he was “such a doll!” and he said “You mean MAGIC, right?” Yes. That’s what I meant.

(photos from Nov 2012)

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