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Happy 12th Birthday, Paul!

Paul is 12 and he chose to invite two friends to go to the indoor swimming pool with our family. Unfortunately the water was 6 degrees lower than it usually is, and the skinny friends were quite frozen, and us not-so-skinny people were also very cold. So I encouraged the kids to try to stick it out for about an hour and I think we went and took showers after 50 minutes. But all ended well as we came home for stuffed crust pizza and a DQ ice cream cake and games.

Paul’s friends are twins that he has known for a few years, usually having one or the other in his school class. One of them (I don’t recall which, ha!) exclaimed during Paul’s party “We could NOT miss Paul’s party!!” I thought that was very sweet and it was fun to think that these two have been to a few parties (including the one where the 3 am video games put the kabosh on future slumber parties.) I’m thankful they have stuck by Paul as good friends.

Paul recently began wearing a white shirt and tie to church in preparation for becoming a deacon which will happen next Sunday. Primary gave him the send off, so now he is getting used to being with the teens. I stopped into Primary as they sang him farewell and the tears came as I thought about my baby and little boy growing up, but they were tears of joy because he is a great person and I’m so grateful to be his mom.

Here are a couple of shots I’ve been wanting to post that are very Paul to me. He normally remains pretty low-key which is great, but I also love when his smile breaks out and when his humor shines.

Happy Birthday, Paul!

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