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thirteen goals for 2013

I tend to get grumpy about goal making when the New Year rolls around. I know that part of my attitude stems from thinking about ALL the things I haven’t accomplished and the MANY things I need to work on. I also don’t like feeling rushed to come up with something just because the calendar says Jan 1. So I’ve let my thoughts simmer for several days and came upon the idea of 13 goals in 2013 and I really liked it. I began my list in a new mini journal and I didn’t think I’d end up with 13, but additional ideas came to mind after I started and I’m very happy with this list and feel it truly represents where I would like my focus to be this year.

In order to keep myself accountable and make sure the list doesn’t get dusty, I’ve decided to do a little self evaluation every 13th of the month. And now, you see, I thought I might wait ’till 13th of January to share this post cause then it might appears that I’m actually being creative and cutesy (not simply late.) But, it is what it is– my goals for 2013 on the 11th day of the year.

My 13 goals for 2013
1. turn my blog into a printed book
2. + swimming to my life
3. + more art
4. enjoy my children NOW… revel in their stages and ages, play with them, listen to them, (they are growing up so fast!)
5. get on the list for substitute teaching
6. write more! blog and journal
7. think positively! self affirmations and gratitude
8. photography project (?)
9. be close to Heavenly Father… let Him guide my life, follow more and seek to control less, daily prayers
10. be romantic… nurture my marriage and don’t take it for granted, be Dave’s best friend and cheerleader
11. love my body… find a comfortable balance, don’t obsess with weight but focus on health
12. acquire a 3 month food storage
13. budget, live within my family’s means

That’s it. I’m not going to try to do them all at once, but I have this list to go to when I feel like I’m ready to do more. And I’ve already seen it is going to guide me in how I spend my time.

I started blurbing┬ámy blog (#1) this week, and it is going so much better than when I attempted to do this four years ago. And I attended a class on 3 month food storage (#12) last night. So I’m off and running… yay!

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January 11, 2013 - 6:20 pm

Melanie - Well, hello there. Got your Christmas card-beautiful as always. Funny that I had just mentioned to my mom that I had never received a card from you and she said the cards were on the way-facebook I imagined, though didn’t ask. I knew that you had removed the choc chip blog and I need to add this new one because I have missed following the blog of someone that I actually know in real life. :) Glad to know all is well. Happy New Year and I like your idea of 13 goals…life is somewhat overwhelming at the moment so 3 big ones might suit me better but I do think accountability once a month is fantastic. Perhaps I’ll work on mine this weekend…God bless. And also, I think I’ve mentioned it before, but you are a gifted writer. Thanks for gracing the world with your words.

January 25, 2013 - 2:47 pm

Jennifer - Good for you Claire. I could see myself in some of your goals.. I definately need to work on some of the same things! Good luck!

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