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Merry Christmas 2012

(Running a bit behind this year. Didn’t get the kids photos taken till the 15th and the cards ordered a few days later. The day of the photo shoot was dreary and it sprinkled off and on during that half hour. After the group pic, I let the kids get back in the car and asked them to come out one by one for their individual shots. They were relatively good sports! So, it is what it is… and thanks to digital media I present our Christmas card online- on time. The paper editions sit on my counter now.)

Merry Christmas dear family and friends!  We hope that everyone is safe and enjoying the holidays with loved ones. Every year it is a treat to see the growth of each of your families and to be reminded of just what you mean to us. Thank you! We are doing well and continue to count among our greatest blessings the love of Heavenly Father and the atonement of the Savior.

Dave was busy most of the year working with the Boy Scouts and teaching Sunday School class at church.  He was just asked to serve as the Young Men’s President for our branch which will certainly prove to be a busy but rewarding call as he works with some great youth (including two of our own:)) We are proud of his promotion to Staff Sergeant in November.  (Go, Dave! And on your down time, could you pick up your wet towels and scattered tools?)

I, Clair, finished 3 years of serving as a counselor in our Branch Relief Society Presidency. I have loved working with amazing women and learning from each one that I have gotten to know. I am putting the focus of photography as a business aside and looking forward to growth through some personal photography projects. Being a member of Carol Tuttle’s The Child Whisperer book launch team was exciting.  Typical “mom” stuff fills my days, and I enjoy a couple of hours of “quiet time” each afternoon.

Olivia is a beautiful 13 year old with lots of spirit and conviction. It is okay that middle school doesn’t have a drama club, because there is plenty of that at home as she makes her teenage opinions and wishes known. Seriously though, she is a girl with strong values and a smile (now, braces free) for all around her.  Olivia continues to enjoy creative outlets such as painting and drawing and is the president of her Spanish Club and attends the Math Counts group.

Paul, 11, is on the brink of young manhood and has enjoyed camping with the Scouts and earning his Tenderfoot. His first year of middle school means rising early to catch the bus with his big sister who looks after him. Paul excels at the classes he deems useful and is not quite so enthusiastic about those he does not.  He is an avid reader and even more avid video gamer. We love to hear the thoughtful connections that he makes. Paul played baseball in the spring and is now involved with the school’s Chess Club and Math Counts group.

Faith, who turned 8 and was baptized this year, is happy to be a part of the Activity Girls group at church and is always anxious to get outdoors and be with her friends. Her 3rd grade teacher appreciates her helpful nature and friendly spirit. Faith joined the elementary school choir and is looking forward to a special singing/acting project next term. She is letting her hair grow a few more inches with the intent to donate her pretty ponytail to Locks of Love.

Seth, 4, has a best buddy a few houses down that he plays with often, and the two boys are lucky to be in the same afternoon preschool class. Seth loves his teacher and classmates and initiates many hugs before and after school. Playing cars and getting outside on his scooter or bike are some of his favorite things to do. He is a loving boy with a determination to go and do what he sets his mind to. (This means we have to keep a close eye on the front door and often retrieve him from elsewhere in the neighborhood.)

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

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December 25, 2012 - 9:38 am

Debra Anderton - You have a very beautiful family. I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas.

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