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I’m merging this blog with my personal blog!

Once Upon a Chocolate Chip Pancake + CG Dickson Photography =

I started “Once Upon…” 5 years ago just before the birth of Seth, the baby of the family.  After loosing some years of photos when an external hard drive crashed, I was extremely thankful for what I had recorded on my blog (as meager as it may have been.)  I have officially been in business with CG Dickson Photography for 3 years.  I’m currently at a point where I wish to pour less of my energies into the business side of things and more of my energies into personal projects and creatively documenting my own family.

Faith was with me as I was putting some finishing touches on the blogsite, and she was upset to learn that “… Chocolate Chip Pancake” was being discontinued.  She thought I could at least title the “about me” section “Chocolate Chip Clair” or “Chocolate Chip Clarissa.”

I’m a little sorry to see it go as well (even though all content still exists and is simply being transferred,) but mostly I’m excited to have made a place where I can share whatever I darn well feel like sharing.  I guess it has always been that way (ha) but I feel more free with the new set up.  It’s an evolution of sorts.:)

I hope you will continue to follow along and share your blogs with me too.

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