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Monthly Archives: June 2012

S’more, please.

What does your family do for fun? How do you spend a summer weekend? What activities have become family traditions? Those are the things I want to photograph! Because, those are the pictures that are going to evoke the fondest memories and mean the most to you and your children! In addition to riding bikes…

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Waffles on Wednesday and Other Summer Plans

On the brink of summer I get giddy thinking about making my summer schedule.  I love me a plan.  And I love making a plan.  (When a plan works out I can pat myself on the back for making a good plan.  When a plan doesn’t work out, I get to re-vise my plan.  It’s a win-win situation.)…

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This is IT!

THIS is what it is all about– people who LOVE each other MAKING MEMORIES and ENJOYING LIFE! It’s a beautiful thing, and after this session I felt a renewed passion for capturing families just exactly as they are! Coordinated outfits and pretty smiles are nice, but the HEART of what I really love to do…

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Frozen Strawberry Limeade

I’ve never been modest about the fact that I can concoct a darn good frozen drink.  This is proof of my blender wielding prowess.  Frozen Strawberry Limeade 2 cups milk (I use 1%) 2 cups whole strawberries, frozen and unsweetened 6 oz limeade concentrate, frozen (1/2 of a typical sized can) Blend away!  I’m not exact about this. …

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Faith Turns Eight

It’s been party central here.  Seth in April.  Faith in May.  And Olivia in June (post coming soon.) On the weekend before Faith’s birthday, she had a blast at a nearby park with friends.  Kudos to Dave for picking up my slack as I spent every few minutes spitting up behind a tree or a car (thank you very much, eosinophilic…

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