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Monthly Archives: January 2012

Must Do

So, this late morning I find myself alone… ah, alone at last. Every now and then I need a few hours with no demands or expectations. This becomes clearly apparent after several days of being overwhelmed. It’s time to regroup. Inevitably, my thoughts usually come right back to the basics. What are those things that…

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Paul Turns Eleven!

Yesterday evening we celebrated Paul’s 11th birthday. He had six friends over for a Mario/Pokemon party. I loved how he thought to combine two pictures to make this image for his invites- The party went much like our parties usually go– pizza- party games- presents- cake- and a pinata- (Haven’t you ever heard of a…

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Well, this is it– my fifteen minutes of fame and my final post about the menu board. I truly have no more to say about it. Ha. The End of Reinventing the Meal/ Menu Planning and The Ultimate Menu Board Come visit me on The Creative Mama where I’m guest posting how I plan my…

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The ULTIMATE Menu Board- Addendum

Do you ever find yourself using a word you’ve never used before (like addendum,) but it just comes to you? Then you have to look it up to make sure you are using it correctly? And if your thinking is on track, you type the word and feel smart? That happens to me. I’ve had…

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The ULTIMATE Menu Board

I see that it has been two years since my homemaking tip of the year. Did I have nothing to share in 2010? Apparently, not. But I came up with something right at the end of 2011, and I do not intend to disappoint. For years I’ve toyed with different ways to menu plan. It never failed to…

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