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Yearly Archives: 2011

Christmas 2011

Dave being home for Christmas made it wonderful. His leave time coordinated perfectly with the kids’ break from school so we pretty much just hung out together 24/7. (Nothing like getting Dave reintegrated into the full swing chaos.) We didn’t travel. We did enjoy a Secret Santa project and had company for Christmas dinner. Here’s…

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Surprises (I hate them for a reason.)

Dave is home! I can hardly believe that his 12 month tour in Iraq turned into 4 months. I had sweat bullets over his orders which read that he would serve no more than 417 days! Anyone knows that 417 is much greater than 365, but as it turns out I need not have worried….

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Friends and Unfriends (the finished post)

I’m sorry but this is terribly funny… I have sent this to my husband as he needs some help. He likes to keep his friend list at twice what mine is (him 615, me 305) just because in real life I have twice as many friends as he does (me 10, him 5.) I think…

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Halloween Stuff (Clever, I know.)

Just thought I’d post some pictures from my least favorite holiday… The first of three times that the kids donned their costumes was at a Girl Scouts Award Ceremony/ Halloween Party. Faith received a thousand patches, because they give patches for pretty much everything nowadays. We had a nice church party out at our Branch…

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