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Monthly Archives: September 2010

A Girl and Her Daddy

While waiting for lunch to be served, I just had to entertain myself by taking pictures while the rest of the fam was otherwise occupied in the game room. Paul immediately tattle-tailed on Faith because she was messing with the chalk cube from the pool table. Light bulb moment! I thought, “Chalk! Perhaps I will…

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Mine {Ft Campbell Children’s Photographer}

All mine… Well, I do share them with my husband (especially late at night when they are bouncing off the walls and my own battery has lost its charge hours previously.) I got smart this year and did photos of my own children before I was in the middle of Fall madness. I even went…

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Guys and Dolls

It’s always fun… I mean challenging to attempt a photo shoot with your own little darlings. Maybe it’s because they have had their photos taken one too many times. Maybe it is because I’m their mom and they feel free to whine and be uncooperative on location just as they do at home. However, my…

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The Nitty Gritty of Menu Planning

Soooo… I did a little blurb on menu planning for our latest Relief Society Recipe Swap. A couple of people have asked for the informaiton, so I’m posting it here. Funny thing is that I totally composed my presentation as if I was typing a blog post anyway. I am a better writer than speaker….

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First Crush

She’s kind to animals, she’s bilingual, she follows dirctions… and she has a head the shape of a football. Yes, it’s Dora that has Seth’s two-and-a-half-year-old heart going pitter patter. Seth’s TV time usually consists of whatever the big kids are watching (the Disney Channel.) But recently we thought that Dora’s Big Birthday special might…

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