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Monthly Archives: February 2009

Seth, 10 months!

Lasagna anyone? Seth turns 10 months old today! So wild to think that we will be having a birthday party for him soon. Gee, I better start planning. This past month has been lots of fun. Seth has a couple of new tricks- waving and sticking out his tongue (both of which I don’t have…

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Blurb update

Hello Friends. For anyone that I gave a panic attack, I apologize. You may now relax. Everything is going to be okay. I have decided to go with Blurb! FYI, apparently I was in good company during my initial phase of confusion and doubt. You can read John’s comment and similar comments at Blogging Basics…

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Spring is in the Air (almost)

Okay, so it’s not quite Spring yet, but it’s not too soon to reserve a time for a Spring photo session. Get your name on my books for March, April or May. My family recently celebrated the baptism of my son Paul. My kids are learning that when they turn 8, they are obligated to…

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To Blurb or not to Blurb?

I need some advice. I am ready to have a year’s worth of blog entries printed as a book. I just downloaded the BookSmart program from Blurb and am trying to get familiar with it. Blurb will slurp my blog (transfer all content at a click of the button.) That part is great. Now for…

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Trying to be Like Jesus

Looking at the latest pictures of Paul, I cannot believe how grown up he is getting. Where is my little boy? Valentine’s Day was extra special because Paul took an important step in following the example of Jesus by being baptized that day. When Paul had his interview with the bishop a couple of weeks…

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