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Monthly Archives: October 2008

False Advertising

Okay, normally I would give my husband full ownership of the title “sucker.” You know, the one who orders girls scout cookies from each and every local troop and buys a “diamond” necklace because the other 9 pieces of costume jewelry in the set are absolutely free. But… I must confess to a bit of…

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Seth, 6 months!

Happy Half Birthday to my gorgeous hunk of sweet love! Here’s a peak at Seth’s 6th month: He found his toes He caught on to eating solid foods and gobbled up his first vegetable- squash. He cries when mommy moves out of sight and breaks down into hysterics when someone unfamiliar tries to hold him….

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Desperate Housewife

Don’t get me wrong. I’ve got plenty of lovin’. But I must admit that I am desperate for a few extra pairs of hands. Case in point- the “piano” room which is really just a fancy name for the extension of the laundry room. Why is it that when we get one area of the…

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Soccin’ it To Ya

During September and October, our family enjoyed the fall soccer season as we cheered on Paul- our #48 Yellow Lightening Dragon and Olivia- our #53 Purple Cobra. A few things you need for a successful soccer season are… 1- adoring fans 2- contact with the ball at least once a quarter 3- one or two…

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