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Monthly Archives: September 2008

Hurray for Picture Day! Not!

Right now I’m feeling a wave of relief because I got my kids out the door on School Picture Day after dealing with… Olivia’s first bona fide zit Paul’s eternally messy face and Faith’s “she-just-can’t-leave-it-alone” scab Might be another year for re-takes.

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Seth, 5 months

This past month has been kind of fun with a little more action. Seth rolled over for the first time. Just sorry it was out of pure frustration ’cause he was sick of looking at that toybar I had him under for so long. Though still indifferent to them, Seth actually acknowledged the cats. He…

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Life Goes On

It’s been a little crazy ’round here over the past couple of weeks. The flu made its rounds in our house. Only Olivia escaped it. I’ve been washing bedding and scrubbing toilets. Soccer season is underway so we’ve been going to practices and games. Dave is getting used to his new calling as Elders Quorum…

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Sweetest Video

If you haven’t seen Brad Paisley’s new video featuring Andy Griffith, it is the cutest thing. If you have a few minutes, watch Waiting On A Woman. The best part is the very end when it shows Andy dressed in white, waiting on his woman. I just couldn’t help but think of Dave dressed in…

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100 Things About Me

Oh no, she didn’t! Oh yes, she did! I came up with 100 things about me that you may or may not know and that you may or may not WANT to know. I thought I’d document them for… er…uh… posterity’s sake (and for the lack of not having anything else to blog about.) I…

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