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Monthly Archives: June 2008

Ready to Rumble

In-n-n the Blue Corrrrrnerweighing in at 14 lbs and 14 oz.we have Seth the Sethy Poo-o-o-o-o-o-oWill he be able to defend his title and remain the world heavy-weight champion of 2 month olds? …Stay tuned.

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A Poem for Seth

For Seth a babymy babya body so small and newyet inside abides a spirit familiarsomeone I always knew we touch and cuddle and smileas we search each other’s eyesenjoying sweet reunionlove eternal you and I

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The Bold and the Beautiful

As if Paul being “the young and the reckless” easn’t enough, Miss Olivia is earning the title “the bold and the beautiful.” Why does she look like the happiest nine year old girl in all the world in this picture? Well, on either side of her swing the neighbor boys mentioned in the previous post….

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Tidbits on the Children

. . . . . As you know it has been busy around the house this summer. Paul has plenty of material to draw from if he gets the “My Summer Vacation” writing assignment when he goes back to school. About four weeks ago he broke his arm on the trampoline. Dave was also jumping…

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Oh Daddy

Father’s Day, June 15th, was kind of mellow, but we hope Dave knows how much we love him. We spent the morning at church (our first week going at 9am instead of 11am- so no time for breakfast in bed.) Steak and spaghetti, his two favorites, were on the menu a a few days earlier…

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