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Monthly Archives: March 2008

Let the Wild Rumpus Start!

But, PLEASE don’t let it start at 5 in the morning! Spring Break is upon us! I just made it through the Easter weekend and woke up on Monday in a panic- Day One of Spring Break and I had NO plans. And yes, it started at 5 am. Grrr. The kids camped out in…

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I love Popsicle Jobs!

Okay, this is a duplicate post from my FLYlady blog that I have going with all those brave enough to join me. We are sharing ideas about kids and chores and this is what I’m sharing. (Would love to get any tips from my fellow mothers, even if you aren’t FLYing.) Each child has a…

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Chicken Trivia

I learn a lot from my kids and thought that Easter would be a good time to share what I have learned about chickens specifically. Our budding scientist begins the following conversation at Easter dinner on Saturday evening: Paul: Do you know how an egg becomes an egg to eat instead of a baby chick?…

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Just wanted to jot down how impressed I have been with Paul lately. He has been maxing out on the sweetness factor. I typically get the “grumble, grumble” response when I ask my kids to do something. But Pollywog has been so helpful- often without even being asked. Off the top of my head I…

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An Easter Tradition

For those who haven’t seen this activity already, I wanted to share one of our favorite Easter traditions. It is a kit of 13 plastic eggs which each have something inside to symbolize part of the true meaning of Easter. Our family usually opens the eggs in order on the Family Home Evening before Easter…

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