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Monthly Archives: February 2008

Thoughts on the Savior

I just read about “Reflections of Christ,” an art exhibit that is being shown at the visitors’ center of the Mesa Arizona Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It is being displayed in conjunction with an Easter Pageant. I was able to go to youtube and watch some clips of the…

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Awaiting Seth

One of my online friends recently heard from a mutual friend that I was pregnant. She asked me if that was true. Yes, it’s 33 weeks true! I realized that I rarely talk about it. Don’t think I’ve blogged about it at all- other than to say there’s a “bun in the oven” in reference…

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Slippery Sidewalks

My little miss went from thisto this in just a few days time. Last week, due to inclement weather, schools (and the whole post) were running on a two hour delay schedule. After walking to the bus stop, I realized why. The sidewalks were sheets of ice and poor Faith fell face down. She is…

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FLYlady Update

Well, after such a phenomenal response…just kidding… I know that many of you already have something that works for you and that’s super. My lil’ sister is going to FLY with me and I’ve had a couple of “maybes,” so what I’ve decided to do is run the FLYlady sharing through email instead of on…

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Wanna FLY with me?

Anyone else overwhelmed with the day to day? I have been in mere “survival mode” for a while now. For me, “survival mode” is just accomplishing the bare minimum of what has to happen in the home to keep it functional– feeding the family, having clean clothes to wear, clean dishes to eat off of…you…

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